Kristina Arakelian

As a painter, I had the privileged opportunity during an artistic intervention to contribute to the creation of sets for an inspiring musical play organized by an elementary school in the Vendée region. The aim of this collaboration was to help the children prepare their performances and immortalize their fair through video recordings. The decorations were specifically designed for the older children's show, based on the intriguing story of cat detective John Chatterton. Let me take you behind the scenes of this creative adventure.

The captivating story of John Chatterton

The plot of the musical centered on the disappearance of a little girl dressed in red, a mystery reminiscent of the famous tale of Little Red Riding Hood. John Chatterton, the detective cat, embarks on an investigation that leads him on the trail of this strange abduction. As he investigates, the story becomes interwoven witht he tale of the Hop-O’-My-Thumb, adding a fascinating dimension to the tale. This intriguing thriller is highly recommended for children and parents keen to share a passion for the detective genre.

Enchanting settings for total immersion

During this artistic intervention, I was lucky enough to work closely with the children, who provided invaluable assistance in the realization of every detail. Together, we created a multitude of decorative elements that transported the audience into the captivating world of John Chatterton.

These included a cardboard carriage representing the wolf in the story, bringing their vision of the character’s vehicle to life. The luminous stars, enlightened by the “lighting technicians” in the darkened room, created a magical and mysterious atmosphere, while the cardboard antique telephones, decorated by the children, added an interesting visual touch to the scene. Another achievement was the creation of an image with swirling tears that were placed against the background of an actress to simulate moving tears.

We also created a painting of The White Wolf on a blue background. This painting, at the heart of the plot, symbolizes the work of art that the wolf greatly appreciates and wishes to recover in exchange for the little girl in red. This visual element helped the children and the audience to feel more immersed in the show.

Loup blanc sur fond bleu, acrylique sur carton, par Kristina Arakelian

An artistic souvenir offered to the school

Une voiture rouge pour le loup, acrylique sur carton
Un téléphone bleu, acrylique sur carton et une belle dose d'étonnement

At the end of the show the painting of The White Wolf on a blue background was donated to the school. This initiative enabled the children to preserve a tangible memory of their experience and strengthen their connection with the story of John Chatterton.

Video and photos for a timeless memory: To enable parents to relive this magical moment and children to recall their experience, a complete video of the show and photos have been made available.

The artistic experience of the musical piece was an enriching one for both me and the children. Above and beyond the actual work, it’s the discussions, discoveries and emotions involved in putting the events together that have a greater impact and enrichment than you might imagine. This project not only fostered the children’s creativity, but also reinforced their commitment to and love of the arts.

As for the show’s story, brilliantly put together by a dedicated teacher and a creative, committed director, the skilful blending of the plot of Little Red Riding Hood and Tom Thumb gave life to a thrilling adventure, recommended to all young readers eager to discover and solve puzzles.

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